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Scott Robertson Workshop 002
Drawing and Sketching

Date: October 21, 2012
Time: 10am to 6pm with book signings after 6pm.
Where: Scott Robertson’s Studio / Design Studio Press
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Desire to improve your own ability to think on paper and communicate your ideas with others with drawings and sketches.
General Workshop Description:

This workshop is on the subject of perspective drawing and sketching objects and environments from one’s imagination. I will share with you the basic principles of perspective drawing and how you can improve your perspective drawings to more clearly communicate your concepts. For me there is a difference between drawing and sketching. The type of “drawing” I do is almost entirely from my imagination and is much more focused on representing/building a three-dimensional object as depicted with a perspective drawing. What I’m communicating becomes much more the intent of the drawing and not the “technique or style” of the drawing.

When “sketching” perspective accuracy and clearly defined three-dimensional forms are a secondary concern and my focus shifts to creativity and thinking on paper when I utilize my sketching techniques to develop and discover new and interesting directions for my designs. These sketches are usually done quicker than drawings and the mediums used can influence their appeal. I will clearly share with you both my drawing and sketching principles and techniques through live demonstrations and handouts.

Please join me at my studio for what will be a great day of learning and networking with other like-minded artists. Seating is limited to 30 attendees and online registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Big Perk! Design Studio Press is right next door, and we will be offering some very, very special book prices to those attending my workshop.

Specific Workshop Topics:

• Drawing and sketching materials
• Biomechanics
• Auto-foreshortening
• Constructing grids
• Using 3D program underlays
• Ellipses
• Drawing “X-Y-Z” Shapes
• Thumbnail Sketching: examples and techniques
• Sketching Styles
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